Welcome to Good and Godless!

I am an ex-Christian currently in the process of moving out of superstition and into the world of reason. My deconversion took place over the course of many years, but solidified in May of 2015. I still live in a very small, conservative town and am still “closeted.” Because of this, I won’t use my real name, or link anything to my personal Facebook.

You can refer to me as The Holy Goat.

You can find links to my (non-personal) Twitter and Facebook at the bottom of the screen.

My first post and my deconversion story can be found here or under the “About” tab at the top of the screen.

My main goal is to impress upon others in situations like mine that it is ok to be an Atheist. It’s ok to be skeptical. You CAN be Good and Godless. You are NOT alone!

Email: goodandgodlessblog@gmail.com

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